Services Offered

Gray Birch provides a Roster of veteran professionals who can act

As Independent Directors for Corporations

On behalf of LLCs, SPVs, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Investment Funds,
Non-Profits and other entities

On behalf of Onshore and Offshore entities

As Advisory Board and Oversight Board Members

As Board Observers

As Representatives on Lender, Creditor and Equity Committees

Gray Birch remains involved for the duration of the assignment and offers Roster Members secure communication tools

Filling A vacant Board Seat

Gray Birch provides a substantial Roster of veteran professionals

Diverse industry backgrounds

Serious focus on women and minorities

Most have prior Board experience

Array of special skills available (former auditors, lawyers, bankers and
portfolio managers)

Gray Birch seeks exceptional people for Board service

Individuals join the Roster through referrals only

All have undergone our rigorous and consistent due diligence process

Vetting is updated periodically to stay current

If you have a Board seat vacant or potentially vacant, please visit Client Info to provide us with your contact information

Become a Gray Birch Roster Member

Finding the Assignment

Gray Birch's sales force assists in finding assignments

Gray Birch’s prior vetting of Roster Members reduces the time necessary
for a decision

Gray Birch vets any existing D&O Insurance

Gray Birch’s standard contracts and procedures facilitate assignments

Protecting the Assignment

Gray Birch will support sitting Roster Members > Secure technology > Legal assistance, if necessary > Temporary or permanent replacement, if the person cannot serve > Our unique D&O Program

If you are seeking to become a Gray Birch Roster Member, please visit Roster Info to provide us with your contact information

Our Unique Services and Tools

Gray Birch provides a number of services and tools which are unique in the marketplace

Full vetting files and background checks on all of our Roster Members

Roster Members who are prepared to serve in the most difficult situations > In the “zone of insolvency” > Entering or emerging from bankruptcy > Leveraged buyouts and dividend recaps > Proxy slates and hostile takeovers

Roster Members who are prepared to serve on short notice

“Power of Substitution” with Roster Members who can serve temporarily

Gray Birch has arranged for unique Supplemental Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

From the largest carriers and brokers

Separate from the underlying company’s own D&O policy, and above and beyond other policies already in place

Covering the Director personally

Portable to other assignments, with Gray Birch's consent

At a reasonable cost